Revenue Europe

October 1, 2024 - Berlin, Germany

Revenue Europe

Our next European Revenue conference is taking place in Berlin on October 1, 2024. The event will be held at Factory Berlin - a vibrant space specifically designed to optimize creativity and innovation. Situated in the heart of Germany's bustling capital, the space offers exceptional facilities and sparks inspiration at every turn.

Time Description Speaker(s)
08.00-09:00 Registration, coffee & networking
09:00-09:05 Welcome - MX3 and partners welcome you to Berlin
09:05-09:50 Future pull: Your world in the next ten years
As AI moves at breakneck speed, Brady explores what the world will look like over the next decade and how audiences will engage with content, entertainment and advertising in the future.
Brady Brim DeForest, CEO, Formula Monks
09:50-10:15 Media leadership: Strategies for navigating disruption
With the rapid adoption and expansion of AI technologies, we take a look at the “strategic smarts” that will be required from media leaders as they steer their companies in the AI Age.
Tom Armstrong, VP of Global Ads, The New York Times
10:15-10:40 Beyond Tradition: How progressive publishers craft diversified, balanced revenue models
In an era where reliance on one or two revenue streams spell doom, Joanna presents a compelling narrative on the critical need for publishers to innovate beyond traditional revenue models. This session will unravel the complexities of developing diversified, balanced revenue models essential for sustainable growth. Through the lens of cutting-edge research and enlightening case studies, discover how modern publishers are breaking the mould by integrating surprising new revenue streams. Learn why a multifaceted monetisation approach is critical, and how your peers go about developing theirs.
Joanna Levesque, Managing Director, FT Strategies
10:40-11:10 Coffee and networking
11:10-11:30 Case study: Transparency, trust and how premium content drives advertising ROI
Unlike platforms, publishers have more control over ensuring advertising transparency, trust and brand safety. In this session, we look at how premium quality content helps drive advertising ROI and build effective and sustainable ad models.
Jacqueline Loch, EVP of Social and Emerging Platforms, SJC Media, and Chair of the Board of Directors, The Content Council, Canada
11:30-11:50 Case study: The future of AdTech at the intersection of AI, data and marketing
With this deep dive into the world of AdTech, we look at the innovations redefining advertising engagement strategies, and the tech that enables publishers to drive ad efficiencies, revenues and margins.
Wayne Gough, Former CFO, The Spectator
11:50-12:35 Panel discussion: Big trends driving media ad strategies
Our panel discusses the trends revolutionizing media ad strategies, including privacy; first-party data strategies; the rise of attention and intent as a metric in contextual advertising; programmatic advances to privacy concerns; and the integration of AI for operational efficiencies, personalized ad experiences and more.
Brady Brim DeForest, CEO, Formula Monks
12:35-14:00 Lunch and networking
14:00-14:20 Case study: First-party data strategies - maximizing audience engagement and revenues
We discuss strategies for leveraging premium content to gather first-party data, fostering deep audience relationships, and using insights to boost engagement and revenue growth.
David Murphy, Head of Digital Media Solutions, The Irish Times
14:20-14:40 Case study: The changing nature of subscription strategies - what now?
With publishers vying for limited subscription dollars, we explore the shift in subscription strategies from acquisition to increasing Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), and ask the question: what's next?
Madeleine White, Editor-in-Chief of The Audiencers and Head of International at Poool
14:40-15:00 Unlock Social Video’s Revenue Potential in 2024
Tubular Labs, the leader in global social video intelligence and measurement, provides a unified view of the passions and behaviours of audiences across social platforms. In this presentation, we will cover strategies for media publishers to unite global audiences, monetise channels, and secure partnerships.
Laurel Dunne, Senior Account Director, Tubular Labs
15:00-15:45 Panel discussion: Data, advertising and DTC - building a diversified revenue model
We delve into the monetization mechanics of publishers, exploring how successful businesses thrive through building diversified revenue models with multiple revenues ranging from advertising to subscriptions, events, and more.
Abi Spooner, Strategy Partner, Atlas
Bård Skaar Viken, Project Director, Schibsted Media
Tomas Bella, Chief Digital Officer, Denník N, Slovakia
Styli Charalambous, CEO, Daily Maverick, South Africa
15:45-16:15 Coffee break
16:15-16:45 Maximising Revenue Growth: Ten essential pricing hacks for immediate implementation
Pricing is the most significant lever for profit within any company. It's possible to unlock its full potential with surprising simplicity but fail to do so. In this enlightening session, Sebastian will share ten straightforward yet powerful pricing strategies that any media company can implement immediately upon returning from our Revenue Europe conference. Discover how to harness the untapped opportunities within your pricing model to drive substantial revenue growth. This presentation promises practical insights and actionable advice that can make a marked difference to your company's financial performance.
Sebastian Voigt, Partner, hy – the Axel Springer Consulting Group, Germany
16:45-17:25 What's next for RevTech?
We look at the key trends that will drive the evolution and creation of new revenue technologies, including AdTech, Subscription platforms, and MarTech.
Speaker Announced Soon!
17:25-17:45 Conference Wrap Up Speaker Announced Soon!
17:45-22:00 Networking and informal dinner


CEO Formula Monks and Entrepreneur
Head of Digital Media Solutions, The Irish Times
Editor In Chief, The Audiencers and Head of International, Poool
Strategy Partner, Atlas
Chief Digital Officer at Denník N, Slovakia
Managing Director, FT Strategies
Former CFO, The Spectator
Customer Strategy, Data and Insight Specialist & Independent Consultant
Co-founder, The Daily Maverick, South Africa
Partner at Axel Springer hy, Berlin, Germany
Project Director, Product & Consumer Division, Schibsted Media
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